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The creamiest hummus.... ever!

I'm something of a hummus addict! i love it with flatbreads, breadsticks with crudités and straight from the fridge on a spoon!

I have a real problem though with many shop bought versions, they seem to have a tinny taste and are often quite grainy, if they're on the turn they have a horrible fizziness about them.....honestly once you've made hummus and realise how easy it is you'll be making vats of the stuff and never buy pre-made again!

You'll be amazed there really are only a couple of steps to making hummus, you could add some toasted pine nuts as a topping, whole chickpeas, or add roasted red peppers and a dollop of rose harissa to the blend for a spicier version.


x1 400g tin chickpeas in water

x1 grated clove of garlic

salt and pepper to taste

approx 4 tbsp aquafaba (The water the chickpeas came in)

juice of 1 lemon.

Tahini paste about 100g


1. Set up a blender, strain the chickpeas reserving the cloudy water (aquafaba) in a separate jug.

2. Add chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, tahini paste, salt and pepper, and begin blitzing, adding the chickpea water until you have a really smooth hummus.

I like to add a good glug of olive oil and a dollop of harissa paste just before serving.

The olive oil on the surface of the hummus prevents any dry out and the harissa gives a lovely warm smokey hit!

Let me know what you think! i love to hear from you all, and especially love to see pictures of your cooks, bakes, and makes!

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