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Pear ginger & oat cake

visually this is amazing, one perfect sliver of sweet pear in every slice.

Warm with fresh and ground ginger and just this side of healthy with almonds and oats.

This is perfect with a cuppa but equally delicious served as a pudding, warm with custard or ice cream.

Here's how....


100g self raising flour

100g ground almonds

40g rolled oats

100g caster sugar

100g dark muscavado sugar + extra for sprinkling

200g softened butter

100ml milk

3 large room temp eggs eggs

1 tsp vanilla essence

2 tsp ground ginger

5 cm grated fresh ginger


pre heat oven to 175c

  • beat butter and both sugars together until creamy.

  • add eggs one by one until each is incorporated. (this stops curdling)

  • add vanilla essence, fresh grated ginger and milk and whisk again.

  • add ground almonds, flour, ginger and oats and fold through.

  • line a loaf tin and fill with cake batter.

  • peel 3 small ripe pears, dry with kitchen paper and submerge in cake batter.

  • place in on the middle shelf for 45 mins or until an inserted skewer comes out clean.

  • remove and allow to cool thoroughly in the tin.

  • sprinkle the top with a teaspoon of brown sugar.

Slice and enjoy!

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