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Marvellous Maca breakfast smoothie

If you're looking for a filling breakfast smoothie that doesn't taste like you just cowed down on a piece of turf look no further.

Packed with juicy mango, banana, coconut milk and the all important Maca powder you're going to feel ready for anything the day throws at you.

What's maca? Known as Peruvian ginseng this little root vegetable is known for it's energy yielding properties it's a great source of riboflavin (B2) which supports immunity and energy, it's also a source of iron contributing to cognitive function! pretty much everything you need in the morning.

You'll need a blender for this, a nutribullet works well, creates really silky smoothies and and is super easy to clean afterwards

You'll need....

1 ripe diced mango

1 ripe chopped banana

1 tin coconut milk (light)

1 tbsp manuka honey

1 tbsp Maca powder

handful of ice cubes

serves 2

Whizz everything together and slurp.. this will keep you going easily until lunchtime!

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