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Easy peasy nigella seedy flatbreads

As you may have gathered by now i'm not a lover of faff when there is a perfectly fabulous and easy way of making things in half the time... this flatbread recipe is no exeption!

With a mild onion flavour, fresh coriander and slathered in garlic butter you're going to be making these for fun!

There is no yeast and no kneading involved in making these flatbreads and can be simply cooked in a griddle pan for those scorched lines or in a nonstick pan for a more puffed version.

Makes 12 small or 8 large flatbreads.


400g s/r flour

400g natural yoghurt (try ginger flavour!)

x2 teaspoons nigella seeds

small drizzle of olive oil

small bunch shredded coriander.

good pinch salt

25g butter or ghee

1 clove grated garlic


1. Mix flour yoghurt, coriander, nigella seeds and salt together into a ball.

2. Divide into 12 small or 8 large balls.

3. Dust your worktop with flour and roll out into oval shapes about 1cm thick.

4. Griddle on both sides until puffed up and firm.

5. mix butter and grated garlic and brush over your warm flatbreads.

Serve immediately with Lebanese lamb, fruity couscous or my smokey aubergine and tomato salad.

Let me know if you found this as easy as i do! and feel free to share with your friends, I love to see what you've been up to in the kitchen and welcome your recipes to try out.

Happy cooking!

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