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Crisp Gougeres with Spanish cheese and Iberico ham.

Who doesn’t love a tasty bite-sized nibble with pre dinner drinks?....No one is the answer!

With all the flavours of Spain, jamon Iberico, and semi soft tangy cheese these light little puffs will delight your guests and are not only quick to make but can be made in advance and pre heated.

Here's how..............


150g plain flour

85g butter

2 large eggs

200g semi soft grated cheese. I used alfuega pitu available from The Gourmet Market.

50g Iberico ham finely chopped available at The Gourmet Market

½ tsp smoked paprika available at The Gourmet Market.

120ml water

120ml milk


Preheat oven to 180c

First add flour, butter and paprika to a saucepan, gently melt then on a higher heat to create a cooked dough.

Now add water and milk in increments and beat vigorously between adding’s.

Cook your softened dough through for a couple of minutes and add ham and cheese, allow to melt and beat through.

Now add eggs, and using a hand held mixer or a wooden spoon and lots of muscle beat beat beat!

You will have a thick paste now.

Decant your paste into a piping bag and cut a generous hole. Pipe little mounds the size of walnuts leaving a couple of inches apart onto a lined baking tray.

Place in a preheated oven 180c for around 10-15 minutes. They should be puffy, golden and come away from the parchment with ease.

Allow to cool slightly on a wire rack before serving with a fabulous Rioja!

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