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(V) Chole pronounced (chho-lay)

This is a beautiful fragrant north Indian vegan / vegetarian dish using Kala chana (black chick peas) If you can’t get hold of them regular chick peas work just as well.

A main meal in its own right, this is a super filling dish and can be served with naan’s to mop up!


2 tins kala Chana or chick peas

½ tin chopped tomatoes

1 small red chilli

3 large onions

4 fat cloves garlic

2 tbsp ginger paste

5 cloves

2 bay leaves

4 cardamom pods

½ tsp cracked black pepper

½ tsp chilli powder

½ tsp turmeric

2 tsp garam masala

1 veg stock cube

½ cup water

Handful fresh coriander leaves.

Here’s how…..

You’ll need a food processor or a stick blender.

Place 2 roughly chopped onions in a bowl with tomatoes, garlic, ginger and chilli, then blitz to a paste. Set aside.

Heat a tbsp veg oil in a large heavy bottomed saucepan and add bay leaves, pepper, cardamoms and cloves until fragrant.

Add blitzed paste and cook until it starts to look less pulpy, and darker in colour.

Add all dry spices and cook off for a couple of minutes.

Add drained chick peas, crumbled stock cube and water. Stir well.

Turn down the heat and simmer on low for 20 mins, stirring occasionally.

Be careful not to burn the bottom and add a little more water if needed to create a fragrant ‘gravy’

Enjoy with naans, and my other Indian banquet recipes, see other blog posts for the full ‘fake-away’ experience!

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1 Comment

Fraser Watson
Fraser Watson
Jun 12, 2020

Very tasty and “meaty” without the meat, perfect for vegetarians 😋

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