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Cheddar, sage and Bramley apple rolls.

These are a gorgeously soft savoury roll, swirled with fresh earthy sage, crumbled with tangy cheddar and scattered with tart apple.

As you know i love all things bready; kneading and watching the rise is cathartic and a real stress reliever... getting to scoff the fruits of your labour afterwards is just a bonus in my book!

Stuff these beauties with baked ham for a tempting lunch or serve warm with a roast pork dinner. Or of course just a snack every time you pass the cupboard. They keep brilliantly in an airtight bag or container for up-to a week, but i have my reservations that they would last that long!

Makes 12 lovely plump rolls


500g strong white bread flour

8g dried instant yeast

7g salt

Good glug of olive oil.

260ml lukewarm water


1 large Bramley apple cored peeled and diced

About 10 fresh sage leaves or 2 tsp dried sage

100g strong cheddar cheese

1 egg beaten (for egg-wash)


1. Add flour to a large mixing bowl, put salt one side and yeast the other, add a good glug of olive oil and add water. Use a clawing action to mix together and form a dough ball.

2. Lightly oil a work top (don’t flour it, it will make your dough too dry) then knead for 10 minutes until it stops sticking and goes into a silky smooth ball.

3. Put dough in a lightly oiled roomy bowl with high sides and cling film the top.

4. Allow the dough to rise for 60-90 minutes or doubled in size.

5. Tip the dough out and flatten with your hands into a rectangle roughly 45cm x35cm

(Or in old money 18” x 14”) squish the top end to the work top to ‘anchor’ it.

6. Grate the cheese all over, sprinkle the sage, and scatter the apple then take the dough nearest you and roll up into a sausage 35cm long (14”)

7. Use a super sharp knife and cut into 12 rounds.

8. Place into a parchment lined deep roasting dish or baking tray a 30 x25cm (12”x 10”) should be perfect. Don’t worry if it’s a bit bigger or smaller dough is forgiving!

9. Now put the whole thing in a big bag. (bin bags work great!)

10. Let it rise up again for 60-90 mins or doubled in size.

11. Very gently paint the tops with egg wash and pop in a pre-heated oven at 210c for around 25 minutes. The base should sound hollow when tapped.

Enjoy….. I bet they don’t get a chance to cool before they’ve gone!

If you loved making this or have a different twist on the recipe please share!

I love hearing from you so if there's something 'Bready, cakey or make that you don't have the confidence to try, just send me a message... i'll do my best to give it a go and share the most trusted method of making it work for you.

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